I am a writer and editor from London.

I write about books, homosexuality, cities, and occasionally art and moving image. I have writing published in print in Open City Docs’ non-fiction film journal, Art Quarterly, RA, and Pylot. An essay of mine exploring the queer pastoral elements of Derek Jarman and Claude Cahun’s respective bodies of work was published in the anthology STIM. I have also published online with Girls On Tops, Restless, and Somerset House’s SUBSTRAND. I was shortlisted for 2020 Penguin WriteNow and was longlisted for the London Library’s Writer in Residency programme.


I was born and currently live in London. I have lived in Dover, Oklahoma, New York, and Paris. I have a BA in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths and am undertaking a literature and writing MA at the Royal Holloway. I used to be a competitive swimmer but these days I only swim for fun.


I often work as an editor for museums, galleries, charities, and small presses. I currently work as an Education Editor for the Royal Academy of Arts. I have also recently worked for Arts Emergency, Barnardo’s, 3 of Cups Press, Artangel, South London Gallery, Art Fund, and the Whitechapel Gallery. I have also been a sensitivity reader for publishers, including Nosy Crow, and authors Helen MacDonald, Emma Mitchell, and Emmi Itaranta.

some current projects

A weekly newsletter called the Diary of Old and New Books which is my diary of the books I read. Some of them are new and some of them are old.

A series of playful proposals for another world. These ditties interlace prose and poetry to explore what’s keeping us from ourselves and one another and suggests ways to draw the horizon of what’s possible nearer. It draws from a deep well of utopian literature and radical thought and contemporary trans thought that seek to write into being new possibilities for living.

A longer work about growing up with three dads, care, grief, fatherhood, and weird family. The book is rooted in the loam of this personal experience of grief but hopes to resist any romanticised emphasis on confession, an account of inner turmoil, or a retreat into privation and instead look to the ways our cultures of care, treatment, and grief are mediated by, to name a few, technology, party politics, The Family, ecology, pharmaceuticals such that the topics bear urgently not just on me as an individual with a particular set of experiences but on all of us.

A sexual history-of-sorts of public parks, gardens, commons, AIDS memorial gardens, gated squares, and other public (or should-be public) spaces told through visual cultures.

For fun, I also occasionally construct poems fragmented from Victorian literature about bathing, hygiene, and public baths and washhouses. It repurposes persuasively written non-fiction, reportage, committee meeting minutes that enumerate the importance of bathing to ‘the physical and moral hygiene’ of the working classes and refashions them into a literature of communal queer leisure and luxury.

I also facilitate a trans reading group which is (as the name suggests) a reading group dedicated to reading left-wing, trans and trans-adjacent thought.

I am available for new commissions and projects. If you’d like to work with me, email me.

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