After work, by which I do not mean 5pm but rather the end of wage labour, rest will be the sturdy hinge on which the new habits of life swing.

We will remember fondly the time when people would say ‘if money were not object, what would you do with your life?’ before we go off and willingly do that very thing, since money will be no object, and that thing can be baking or lifeguarding or healing or programming the films for the pleasure cinemas or manicuring (lawns, nails, pubic hair, other) or whatever other disalienated mode of production is most pleasing at the time and most enables pleasure in the hum-drum, marvellous, and/or sensory aspects of life.

Like property, annual leave, presenteeism, benefits scrounging, statutory sick pay, rent, feelings of failure, the ideology of austerity, asceticism, and employment will have no place in the new place and be of no concern to the people who reside, work, rest, and repose there. Meritocracy and the concept that rest is earned will die and rest will be comprehensive.