The natural world will become once again a realm of shared experience and participatory engagement. We will have intimate modes of contact with aspects of the natural world we’ve hitherto treated poorly.

When the glacier creaks or parts of it melt to form pools of water in internal crevasses, we telephone it on + 43 5254 30089 and other numbers to see how it’s going and we will listen to what it has to tell us. Each of us will know how to translate it’s vibrations into our action. 

We will retain certain aspects of communication from before, like the hanky code, and discard others, like furiously and silently doing the washing up at someone who has wronged you. 

We will make like Luther and nail our philosophical, ecclesiastical, and aesthetic theses to the doors of municipal buildings. 

The abundance of bath houses, mushroom glades, pleasure cinemas, boxing rings, post-industrial parties, and orchards will better support extra-linguistic, bodily forms of communication.